Testcover.com renders industry-leading cloud-based test solution 25% faster

Deploys optimized pairwise search algorithm

Colts Neck, NJ, USA, 11 June 2011 – Testcover.com has announced a performance improvement of up to 25% in its industry-leading cloud-based test case generator service. This improvement is available at no additional cost to all users. Current response time examples are given on the Testcover.com performance statistics page.

Proprietary research conducted by Testcover.com last year found significant response time improvements from an optimization of its search algorithm. Response time was reduced in small search spaces as well as large ones, with greater reductions in the larger search spaces. Testcover.com CEO George Sherwood said, “Users running typical jobs may or may not notice the improvement because our previous response times with the service were so quick, but we have now achieved response time reductions of 25% for large requests.”

The performance of a pairwise test case generator depends on two essential components: the number of test cases produced and the response time for generating them. Practical software engineering tools require an optimal balance between the two. Testcover.com runs an ongoing research program to reduce the number of test cases generated by the service and employs state-of-the art engineering techniques for prompt response times.

Sherwood also noted, “This enhancement reinforces our commitment to continual performance improvement–reducing the number of test cases as well as the response time to generate them.”

About Testcover.com
Testcover.com offers a pairwise test case generator that helps testers get the results they need to develop optimal products and services in a fraction of the time, saving time and money on every project. Testcover.com is accessible via the cloud–a software as a service (SaaS) independent test design solution–and its Web Services Description Language (WSDL) interface enables ready integration with existing test tools. Testcover.com was featured at Management World 2011 based on its selection to Stratecast’s 10 To Watch for 2011. For more information and links to the company’s social media sites visit Testcover.com, dial +1 732 299 4852 or email mgmt@testcover.com.

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