Embedded Functions Released

Colts Neck, NJ, 29 July 2017 – Testcover.com has released its new embedded functions feature, enabling software engineers unprecedented improvements in automated test design. EFs allow test factor values to be described as functions in PHP, a widely used programming language. Originally embedded functions were conceived as a usability improvement for specifying test constraints, but EFs realized new capabilities. Now software engineers can generate test cases automatically to:

  • Verify equivalence classes of expected results
  • Verify equivalence class boundaries
  • Pair boundary values and edges to verify corner cases

When test factors have values that depend on other test factors, the values are given by simple, user-defined functions. Each function’s arguments are the test factors that determine the dependent values. The functions are called during test case generation. And when test factors are both dependent and determinant, their composite relations are resolved automatically.

Embedded functions can be reused for different types of designs, and they can enhance consistency and accuracy as test factors and values change. Specifying equivalence class and boundary requirements as simple functions, in a language familiar to software engineers, can automate much of the analysis for test designs.

For more details on how embedded functions work, see Test design automation: equivalence classes, boundaries, edges and corner cases. Examples with specified test cases are included.

About Testcover.com
Testcover.com offers an automated, high-performance test case generator that helps testers get the results they need to develop optimal products and services in a fraction of the time, saving time and money on every project. Testcover.com is accessible via the cloud–a software as a service (SaaS) independent test design solution. For more information visit Testcover.com, dial +1 732 299 4852 or email mgmt@testcover.com.

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