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Testcover.com introduces cloud-based test solution breakthrough: self- management for group subscriptions

Colts Neck, NJ, USA, 11 June 2011 – Testcover.com has introduced self-management for customers with group subscriptions. The company, with several large global multinational corporations as customers, developed and deployed the new group administration interface to serve the needs of administrators with large groups of Testcover.com users.

Testcover.com CEO George Sherwood said, “We see this capability as a significant enhancement to the convenience and efficiency of our service. Now customers can opt in to self-management and get the highest levels of visibility and control.” Sherwood explained a popular feature of self-management: “Customers with multiple software engineers use our group subscriptions to simplify billing and reduce costs. They purchase a number of subscription activation codes for individual engineers in the group. These customers often have development groups that change, with members joining or leaving independent of any overall subscription period, and customers expect a cloud service to handle their changing needs simply and efficiently.” Testcover.com’s new self-management provides these customers the means to assign an unused activation code to an engineer joining the group, and start the subscription at that time. If an engineer leaves, the unused subscription time can be retained in a new activation code for the replacement.

Use of Testcover.com’s new group administration interface is optional, and there is no additional cost for it. The interface allows a designated user to access summary information about the group and to perform several management tasks:

  • List available subscription activation codes – show which activation codes have not been used yet.
  • Register a new user – select an activation code to register a new user in forms that are prepopulated with group information.
  • List active users – show current users and their respective renewal dates.
  • Reset password for an active user – choose a new password for an active user and email it to that user.
  • Renew subscriptions for active users – extend service for selected users.
  • Suspend subscriptions for active users – end service for selected users and transfer remaining subscription time to new activation codes.
  • Purchase new subscriptions – generate subscription activation codes for new users.

About Testcover.com
Testcover.com offers a pairwise test case generator that helps testers get the results they need to develop optimal products and services in a fraction of the time, saving time and money on every project. Testcover.com is accessible via the cloud–a software as a service (SaaS) independent test design solution–and its Web Services Description Language (WSDL) interface enables ready integration with existing test tools. Testcover.com was featured at Management World 2011 based on its selection to Stratecast’s 10 To Watch for 2011. For more information and links to the company’s social media sites visit Testcover.com, dial +1 732 299 4852 or email mgmt@testcover.com.

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