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Innovation Spotlight shines on Testcover.com at TM Forum’s Management World 2011

Selection to Stratecast’s “Rat Pack/10 to Watch for 2011” leads to appearance at global event

Colts Neck, NJ, USA and Dublin, Ireland | 19 May 2011 – Testcover.com will be in the Innovation Spotlight at the TM Forum’s Management World 2011 in Dublin, Ireland, 23-26 May. Testcover.com was chosen to appear based on its selection by research & consulting firm Stratecast, a division of Frost & Sullivan, to its “OSS/BSS Rat Pack: 10 to Watch for 2011” report published in December 2010. Stratecast publishes this report annually, selecting 10 companies to watch in the coming year that, per Stratecast, “share characteristics with the original Rat Pack team of Hollywood actors from the mid-1950s including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. Like its namesake, the companies included in this report are solid performers who work well, both individually and as an ensemble through partnerships, to satisfy the needs of communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide.”

In his remarks at the Innovation Spotlight, Testcover.com CEO George Sherwood is expected to highlight the versatility, performance and Cloud features of Testcover.com’s automated test design service. In a recent interview, Sherwood said: “Testcover.com is meeting the growing need for test design of complex systems, with features and performance for practicing software engineers building real systems. We provide Testcover.com as a Cloud service for easy, up-to-date use, everywhere.”

One example Sherwood is expected to cite at the event illustrates how Testcover.com’s pairwise (or all-pairs) advantage translates into real-world benefit. Faced with more than 205 trillion possible test cases for a feature with 30 inputs, a company was able to cover all 3,915 pairs of test values with only 18 test cases. Pairwise test designs from Testcover.com use far fewer test cases than random selection for comparable coverage.

Sherwood worked 25 years at Bell Labs and AT&T Labs on a variety of hardware, software and service development projects. He is a former district manager in the IP Services Delivery Division at AT&T Labs, responsible for the development of Broadband ISP services for leading communications service providers. Sherwood is the inventor of the Constrained Array Test System (CATS), the first pairwise testing tool to use a so-called “greedy search” algorithm. He has championed innovative test case reduction, faster performance and improved usability in test design tools.

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